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Watanabe Sanpodo places a great deal of importance on protecting our customers’ personal information. Listed below are the details of our privacy policy.
1. Regarding the acquisition of personal information
The reason for requesting and obtaining personal information will be clearly stated, and the customer will be given notification or an official statement prior to its use, in accordance with law.
2. Regarding the use of personal information
After acquiring a customer’s personal information, Watanabe Sanpodo will use it only within the confines of conducting official business, for the purposes stated below. In the event that it may be used for purposes other than those listed below, the customer will be informed via written notice, email, fax, or other means, or contact will be made separately via each party’s individual website.
1. 当社事業、商品に関してお問い合わせいただいた内容にご回答するため。
1. In responding to inquiries regarding items being offered for sale.
2. 当社事業、商品に関してご請求いただいた各種資料、商品を発送するため。
2. In the shipment of merchandise and billing statements.
3. 当社の販売する商品について、ご本人のお支払方法、もしくはお支払いにかかる入金状況を確認するため。
3. To confirm method of payment and/or receipt of payment for items sold.
4. 当社の事業、商品のご案内等をご提供するため。
4. In providing descriptions and other information regarding merchandise.
5. 当社自らアンケート調査等を行い、当社の事業、商品に反映するため。
5. In the conduct of questionnaires and elicitation of commentary regarding merchandise.
3. Regarding the provision of personal information to third parties
As a rule, Watanabe Sanpodo does not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties, with the following exceptions:
1. お客様の同意がある場合
1. The customer is in agreement.
2. 個人情報保護法その他法令に定めのある場合
2. It is provided for under the Personal Information Protection Law (2003).
4. Regarding the control and management of personal information
Watanabe Sanpodo takes appropriate measures to prevent accidental disclosure, loss, damage, or fraudulent access to all personal information received, prioritizing the protection and insurance of its safety.
5. Regarding the disclosure, modification, stoppage, and removal from record of personal information
In the event that the customer would like to amend, update, or eliminate personal information from record, Watanabe Sanpodo will respect their wishes and provide necessary support and service to the extent that it can.